Research Labs

The Department of Computer Science has 3 research labs engaging in state-of-the-art research in their respective field. The labs are headed by faculty of the Department and include a number of research associates and PhD Students.

  • Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

The AI Lab of the Computer Science Department aims at developing cutting-edge technology as well as state-of-the art research on the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. It consists of professors, post-doctoral researchers, PhD students, as well as undergraduate students that conduct research and run projects related to a plethora of challenging topics like: Data Science (Data Stream mining, Deep Learning), Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Uncertain Reasoning, Bayesian Networks), Smart Cities (Learning from Urban Data), Computational Social Science, Sentiment Analysis, Social Network Analysis. The team focuses on interdisciplinary topics working with external collaborators from Political Science, Social Science, Journalism and Health. On top of the research goals the group provides high-quality teaching on relevant topics (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Machine Learning). It is headed by Prof Athena Stassopoulou and Dr Ioannis Katakis. More information on:

  • Mobile Systems Lab

The Mobile Systems Lab (MoSys Lab) is a laboratory headed by Prof Constandinos Mavromoustakis under the Department of Computer Science engaged in the design, development, and evaluation of mobile networks, including wearables, sensor applications and networks (WSNs), MANETs, and VANETs and MP2P programmable implementations. The Lab has 3 research associates and a number of students working on locally-funded and EU projects. Some of the research directions are:

  • Mobile and Wearable Computing and related technologies;
  • Internet of Things (IoT), IoT for elderly people, Wearable devices (conventional and MP2P communication), research issues for these devices, i.e. localization etc.;
  • IoT in Smart Ambient and Cyber-Physical Systems;
  • Mobile Cloud-based Systems/Synchronous and Asynchronous Sync/Scheduling methodologies;
  • Protocol development and deployment for large-scale heterogeneous networks;
  • Mobile (M2M) and Wearable Computing and related technologies;
  • Interconnection of IoT with social network environments (Multimedia transmission, Big data transfer);
  • Mobile Cloud and IoT smart resource management;
  • Wearables and related middlewares;
  • Ambient assisted living platforms/architectures and applications.

Currently MOSYS lab has 3 research associates and 3 PhD students working in areas and fields relevant to the laboratory. For more information please visit

  • Informatics Security Lab

The Informatics Security Lab (ISL)  (is part of the Computer Science department at University of Nicosia. Our mission is to improve the current state of security practices by exploring three pillars:

  • Devising new techniques to detect cyberattacks by analyzing attack patterns and visualizing attack attempts in an intuitive manner.
  • Delivering numerous university security courses, at both the BSc and MSc levels, including network security (BSc), cryptography and network security (MSc), ethical hacking (MSc), cyber warfare (MSc), network defense and countermeasures (MSc).
  • Hosting seminars and talks to create public awareness on various aspects of security such as user security practices, security standards, etc. The ISL lab is headed by Dr. Ioanna Dionysiou and Prof. Harald Gjermundrød. For more information please visit: