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We are very proud of all our graduates and always pleased to hear about your achievements!

Your stories can inspire other students, or prepare them about what comes next, so please share with us what you enjoyed the most about studying at the University of Nicosia Medical School, and how it helped shape your career, by completing the below (click on “Share your Story”).

Dr Andreas Biris
Dr Andreas BirisClass of 2023, Greece
“Studying in the Doctor of Medicine (MD) programme at the University of Nicosia Medical School prepared me well for my future career in the UK. […]”
 Dr Charles Andrawos
Dr Charles AndrawosClass of 2023, Canada
“Graduating from the University of Nicosia Medical School was a meaningful and pivotal moment in my life. The training I received played an important part in securing […]”
Dr Aws Raed Al-Omari
Dr Aws Raed Al-OmariClass of 2022, Canada
“Graduating from the MD Programme at the University of Nicosia Medical School was a momentous occasion in my career. […]”
Dr Evelyn Quelch
Dr Evelyn QuelchClass of 2022, United Kingdom
“My experience at the University of Nicosia Medical school played a pivotal role in securing my Core Training Post at[…]”
Dr Christine Manuelian
Dr Christine ManuelianClass of 2016, Lebanon
“I am very grateful for the experience that I had during my 4-year journey at the University of Nicosia Medical School and for the exceptional education and support […]”
Dr Zeinab Atieh
Dr Zeinab AtiehClass of 2020, Lebanon
“During my studies at UNIC Medical School the learning opportunities were limitless, and I was able to acquire hands-on clinical experience from the first week. […]”
Dr Chris Bachtsetzis
Dr Chris BachtsetzisClass of 2021, Greece
“Carefully choosing the school, where you will graduate from, is of vital importance for the rest of your medical life. You do not only need to seek for the best medical […]”
Dr Alaa Diab
Dr Alaa DiabClass of 2020, Syria/Lebanon
“Choosing where to go for medical school can greatly impact your career aspirations and path in medicine. I’m glad that I chose the St George’s, University of London […]”
Dr Christina Abi Kheir
Dr Christina Abi KheirClass of 2020, USA
“As medical doctors, we are not only experts in our field, but we are also effective communicators, active listeners, educators, and most importantly patient […]”

Dr Sotiris Demosthenous
Dr Sotiris DemosthenousClass of 2016, Cyprus
“I can honestly say that I could not have been more prepared in starting my career as a doctor in the United Kingdom. Clinical exposure as early as in the first weeks of my first year of Medical School set a […]”
Dr Jad Wehbe
Dr Jad WehbeClass of 2019, Australia
“From the first week, our exposure to patients helped us develop our communication skills and also sharpen our approach to patients with empathy and genuine kindness. […]”
Dr Violeta Yammine
Dr Violeta YammineClass of 2020, Lebanon/Venezuela
“The array of post-graduate jobs we can pursue is wide. Given that we receive a British medical degree we are eligible to apply for a Foundation Year 1 position UK. […]”
Dr Antigoni Papaioannou
Dr Antigoni PapaioannouClass of 2021, Cyprus
“The University of Nicosia Medical School enabled me to pursue my medical studies in my home country, Cyprus. At the same time, I was exposed to a […]”

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