Student Life

From the outset, two things will strike you about our student population and faculty in Nicosia: how diverse and how friendly they are.

Both have a profound effect on the quality of student life here, from the day you join to the day you graduate.

It doesn’t take long to find your way around, or to appreciate the fact that getting to know people and making friends is that much easier too.

We do everything we can to help you settle in and feel part of the University community. Our Student Services team helps you with the practicalities: everything from finding accommodation to hooking up to free Internet access on campus. Our team of counsellors can help resolve relationship issues, work stresses and family matters with sympathy, sensitivity and in complete confidentiality.

The University of Nicosia sponsors numerous lectures, symposia, conferences, dance and music performances, student societies and sports clubs, guaranteeing a packed programme of events, so you’ll never be short of opportunities to mix! The campus also accommodates an open-air amphitheatre for concerts and theatre, a cinema, a gym, a games room, several cafeterias, a restaurant and recreational facilities where students can meet and socialise.