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Our Medical Programmes

Undergrad Entry - Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Students have the opportunity to receive excellent medical education through this program of study.

MD-6 Doctor of Medicine

6-Year MD degree programme designed for high school leavers.

Graduate Entry – Doctor of Medicine (GEMD)

The progr. provides graduate students with the opportunity to receive high quality education in Medicine.

Doctor of Medicine (GEMD)

The Medical School has used its significant experience, over more than ten years, in delivering graduate-entry medical education to develop a new programme aimed at holders of university degrees from any discipline.

Master of Science in Family Medicine (MScFM)

A truly unique programme to receive a Master (MSc) in Family Medicine for practicing clinicians.

MSc in Family Medicine

It is a structured continuing professional development programme for physicians working in the primary care setting.

Master Degree in Public Health (MPH)

Students acquire knowledge & skills for managing current & emerging global public health challenges.

Master Degree in Public Health

The Master of Public Health programme has been carefully designed to cover the main domains of Public Health Practice (Health Protection, Health Improvement, Health Services Provision).

Doctoral Degree (PhD) in Medical Sciences

Enables students to become independent researchers, thus advancing innovation & development.

PhD in Medical Sciences

After completing their PhD, graduates will develop the necessary capabilities to carry out and lead independent research, innovate, and advance the frontiers of science and medicine.

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