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Alexia Papageorgiou

Alexia Papageorgiou Associate Professor in Clinical Communication [email protected] T +357 22 471924 F +357 22 471947 Office 02, Ground floor Centre for Primary Care and Population Health 21 Ilia Papakyriakou, 2414 Engomi PO Box 24005, CY-1700, Nicosia, Cyprus Profile Alexia Papageorgiou is an Associate Professor in Clinical Communication at the University of Nicosia [...]

Alexia Papageorgiou2019-07-03T07:13:01+03:00

Partnership with University of Nicosia

And in 2010, St George’s University of London and the University of Nicosia joined forces to establish the first medical programme in Cyprus, offering a 4-year MBBS that provides the opportunity to students from around the world to benefit from established excellence in medical education at the premier private university of a dynamic, prosperous and [...]

Partnership with University of Nicosia2019-07-03T07:13:38+03:00

The University of Nicosia

In September 2007, Intercollege gave rise to the University of Nicosia as one of the three first private universities approved by the Cyprus Government. In a nationwide survey in 2009, it was ranked as the best private educational institution in Cyprus, offering Bachelors degree programs in a wide range of fields including Human Biology, Nursing, [...]

The University of Nicosia2016-05-16T13:07:56+03:00

The Largest College in Cyprus

In 1981, Dr Nicos Peristianis, the present President of the Council of the University of Nicosia, was appointed Director and the College began expanding its programmes towards academic degrees. In its first decade of operation, Intercollege developed and modified courses of study in accordance with its growing constituencies, the needs of the Cypriot labour market, [...]

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Medical Education Reorganisation

In 1981, medical education in London was reorganised to take account, among other factors, of the movement of population away from central London. There are now fewer, larger medical schools, and the expansion of St George’s, University of London (then known as St George’s Hospital Medical School) has been part of this policy. Clinical teaching [...]

Medical Education Reorganisation2016-05-16T10:29:03+03:00


The history of the University begins with the establishment of Intercollege in 1980 as a private institution preparing students for the examinations of recognised British professional bodies, such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Communication, Advertising and Marketing Foundation (CAM).


Medical School at Tooting

In 1976, the doors of the Medical School opened at Tooting and in 1980 St George’s Hospital at Hyde Park Corner closed its doors for the final time.

Medical School at Tooting2016-05-16T10:32:48+03:00

New Hospital and School Buildings

In 1973, building began on the new site. The new Hospital and School buildings were now well advanced. The School was completed, as were two wings of the new Hospital, which today provide a total of 710 beds. There are an additional 280 beds on site in accommodation, which is due for replacement in the [...]

New Hospital and School Buildings2016-05-16T10:49:09+03:00

Medical School Incorporation

The Medical School was established 1834 in Kinnerton Street and was incorporated into the hospital in 1868. The Medical School was built in the south-west corner of the hospital site in Hyde Park, with the main entrance in Knightsbridge and the back entrance in Governor Crescent Mews.

Medical School Incorporation2019-07-03T07:13:38+03:00

Atkinson Morley’s

By 1859, the bed situation was critical again, so an attic floor was added. However, this did not offer much relief and so a new convalescent hospital, Atkinson Morley’s, was opened in Wimbledon, which left more beds at St George’s for Acute patients.

Atkinson Morley’s2016-05-16T10:11:20+03:00
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