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Certificate Course 1: Blockchain, Law, Regulation and Policy

The starting date for this course is January 13th, 2020 –

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About the Course

The course has a high level of specialization. Aiming to clarify themes that make sense for regulators, influencers and legal advisors. Like AML/KYC, taxation, market integrity, customer protection, money transfers, financial inclusion, compliance with regulatory frameworks and issues related to the use of smart contracts. Specific use cases from North America, EU, Asia and the Middle East form the basis of the course material.

What the Course Covers

The course begins with a brief overview of latest technologies designed for the control, storage and distribution of Digital Assets. Thereafter, a basic framework for regulation and the main actors are presented. A classification and a taxonomy of cypto-assets is then reported followed by the main themes of regulation, associated risks and regulatory concerns. Case studies from Europe, Asia, Middle East and US are presented and issues related to the use of smart contracts are analyzed.

Who Should Take This Course?

Legal advisors, regulators, compliance officers and policy makers. Currently in, or moving into, positions responsible for decisions relating to blockchain technology, Those seeking comprehensive review and analysis of current practice, recent developments in worldwide jurisdictions (North America, EU, Japan, China, Korea, Middle East). Learning from successes, mis-steps and reversals. Though basic questions about distributed ledgers will be discussed and answered, as a necessary part of the introduction to regulatory matters, the course is not an in-depth study of blockchain. For those not yet familiar with, but interested in an in-depth understanding of the technology, you might also consider taking the free MOOC (Massive, Open Online Course) offered by UNIC, or one of our shorter Professional education courses focused on specific aspects of this digital assets. (See others.)

What Will You Learn?

  • Quick review of technology (to blockchain, virtual currencies and crypto-assets) as it stands in 2019
  • Regulatory issues & Legal issues
  • Classification and Taxonomy of crypto-assets
  • Token taxonomy frameworks
  • Main themes of regulation
  • Main regulatory and policy actors
  • The international bodies
  • Risks and Regulatory Concerns
  • Money service businesses, money transfers
  • AML/KYC/CTF, Taxation, Consumer protection, Market integrity
  • Compliance with regulatory frameworks
  • Market regulators, Bank regulators, Legislatures
  • Regulation cases from Europe, US, Asia and Middle East
  • Smart Contracts and related issues

Who You Will Learn From

Mr. Jeff Bandman
Founder and Principal of Bandman Advisors
Former senior official of US Commodity Futures Trading Commission – FinTech Advisor to the Chairman
Founding Director and Architect of LabCFTC

At Yale he is a Lecturer in Global Affairs on Cryptoassets, Blockchain and Public Policy teaching a senior Capstone seminar in the Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs.

Mr. Bandman was a senior official at the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission from 2014-2017. As FinTech Advisor to Chairman Giancarlo, he was Founding Director and architect of LabCFTC, the CFTC’s hub for engagement with FinTech innovation. He established and chaired the CFTC blockchain, virtual currency and FinTech working group from inception. Mr. Bandman led FinTech and RegTech coordination with domestic and international regulators. He joined the CFTC as Special Counsel to Chairman Timothy G. Massad, then led the CFTC’s Office of International Affairs. He led the CFTC’s Division of Clearing and Risk, which oversees many of the world’s largest clearinghouses. He led negotiations resulting in “Clearinghouse Equivalence” with the European Commission.

Certificate Course 2: Security Token Strategy

The starting date for this course is January 13th, 2020 –

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About the Course

The course is designed for participants who want to enable their companies raise funds via a (security) token offering on a blockchain. It will equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop and execute company tailored security token strategy.

The target audience is at the exe