On-campus Psychological Support by KESY

UNIC Centre for Therapy, Training, and Research has begun official operation of an on-campus office for Psychological Support of UNIC’s students, faculty and staff

Centre for Therapy, Training, and Research (KESY), a non-profit, non-governmental organization affiliated with UNIC, is now running an on-campus office offering psychological support to the university’s students, faculty and staff.

The on-campus office, located at the Humanities Building, offers a range of counseling services. Counseling services include psychological support, evaluations for learning and emotional difficulties. The Centre also provides UNIC students of Clinical Psychology, School Psychology and Counseling Psychology a professional site where they can carry out their practical training.

All services are confidential and are provided by clinical/counseling/school psychologists-in-training whose work is closely supervised by licensed professionals. Individual sessions with a psychologist-in-training are provided free of charge, whereas psychoeducational evaluations for learning difficulties are provided by clinical/school psychologists-in-training and by licensed psychologists who are Associates of KESY, at reduced rates.

KESY’s goal is to provide clients with a safe, caring, and professional environment in which they can access mental health services; train and educate students, parents, professionals, and the public at large via workshops, seminars, lectures and supervision; and carry out a variety of research projects related to the Centre’s domain of practice.

Humanities Building, Room 201B

Working Hours*
Wednesday: 08:30-13:00, 14:00-17:30
Thursday: 14:00-17:30
Friday: 08:30-13:00

*More working hours will be added as demand increases, which will be announced in due time.

22842273, 22842209