Gnosis’ participation in new EU Erasmus+ Project Kick-Off Meeting: “Creative learning for boosting bio-economy within HEIs’ curricula – CL4BIO”

On the 5th and 6th of December 2022, two representatives of Gnosis | Mediterranean Institute for Management Science participated in the Kick-off Meeting for the new Erasmus+ Project “Creative learning for boosting bio-economy within HEIs’ curricula – CL4BIO”, that look place in Foggia, Italy.  

The project aims to provide academic teachers with skills and tools for innovative and creative teaching, thereby fostering excellence in innovative and/or online pedagogical approaches. This includes transdisciplinary approaches, new curriculum development methods, and the provision and assessment of links between education, research, and innovation. Enhancing teaching competences will enable better and more effective education of students in the field of bioeconomy, which is necessary to meet market demands.


The partnership will design, develop, and test a training course for HEI (Higher Education Institution) lecturers, focusing on the use of Creative Learning (CL). Additionally, a platform will be established to store a collection of engaging e-learning materials in the field of bioeconomy, utilizing the CL pedagogical methodology. These training materials will be created during the project and piloted with HEI students before being made openly accessible to a wide audience. Dissemination and management activities are also planned throughout the duration of the Project.


The outcomes of the project will support higher education in the field of bioeconomy by enabling efficient and engaging teaching. A self-paced e-learning course for HEI lecturers, providing training on the use of Creative Learning, will be developed. Sample teaching materials addressing specific topics within the bioeconomy will also be produced and made available to a wide audience. An online teaching platform will be established to facilitate this process. Additionally, guidelines aimed at facilitating the development of new training materials will be generated.

Project Information:

Identifier: 2022-1-PL01-KA220-HED-000087008

Start date: Nov 1, 2022

End date: Oct 31, 2025

EC Contribution: 400,000 EUR


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