Funded and Applied Research

Gnosis is actively and dynamically pursuing funding through local, European and international funds for research projects of substantial, tangible and impactful scientific, economic and social value. Gnosis team carries the requisite experience from varied academic and research backgrounds and is in position to carry out projects from interdisciplinary sectors. With proficiencies gained from over 100 such projects and tenders already secured and completed by our directors and professionals over the past few years, Gnosis is setting up inter- and intra-organizational teams to expand its funded research operations across knowledge fields, industries and regions.

Gnosis can search for suitable financial instruments, European and/or local and can provide full support in the integration and the development of a project idea. Our people are involved in all aspects of the projects’ lifecycle, from idea formation to proposal writing, partner search, proposal submission, project management and implementation. And we are pro-active in developing focused and cross-disciplinary collaborations with individuals, centers and organizations from diverse scientific sectors such as Medical Sciences, IT, Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities from Cyprus and internationally.

If you have a good idea for a funded project, and/or you need our experts’ advice, support or comments, please feel free to contact us.

New Projects