ISSL 2021-22

Welcome Note

Dear Guests,

The University of Nicosia, University of Indianapolis and Stellenbosch University, welcome you to the 8th International Symposium on Service-Learning (ISSL), which will be held online in 2021 and on-campus at the University of Nicosia in 2022.

Service-Learning is a teaching approach that connects student learning to the needs of the community. In our quest to contribute to Service-Learning as a transformative pedagogy, the 8th Symposium on “Critical Service-Learning Across the Globe: Transforming Teaching into Social Action” will primarily focus on issues pertaining to the current theoretical perspectives in Higher Education and how collaborative research and curriculum design can enhance Service-Learning societal impact, as well as on what the new ethical goals and challenges of Service-Learning are in 21st Century Higher Education.

As the President of the University of Indianapolis, Robert L. Manuel, remarked when reflecting on the 7th ISSL: “Service learning encompasses much more than providing on-site educational experiences or featuring community leaders in the classroom. It represents a true partnership to not only educate students but also instill in them the mind-set and thoughtfulness necessary to enhance their community—no matter where their life takes them. The inspiration ignited […] will help us to translate these experiences to the next generation of influencers and community leaders.”

In that same vein, the 8th ISSL seeks to build on the lessons and learning outcomes of previous Symposia, in contributing to further transforming teaching into social action. We welcome you to the symposium and look forward to collectively engaging in its critical subject matter.

The Organizing Committee