XRPL grants

Shaping the Blockchain Frontier: UNIC’s Ripple XRPL Grant Initiative

In 2018, the University of Nicosia (UNIC) embarked on a groundbreaking journey with Ripple, joining forces under Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) – a multi-year, multi-million-dollar project aimed at fostering innovation in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. UNIC proudly stands among elite institutions, driving forward research and development in this transformative field.

Navigating New Horizons:


Our XRPL Grants program, renewed with Ripple in 2022 for another five years, showcases our joint dedication to fostering talent and expanding blockchain knowledge. This renewal reaffirms our mission – to transcend traditional academic boundaries and forge a comprehensive learning and research environment

This commitment is realized through our unique interdisciplinary platform, which unites diverse fields of study to explore the multifaceted world of blockchain and FinTech.

how we are

pioneering this journey

Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Leveraging the strengths of various disciplines, from business and economics to computer science and beyond, we’re crafting an ecosystem where innovative solutions to blockchain challenges are born. This holistic approach ensures that our students and faculty are not just participants in the field of blockchain but are shaping its future.

Project-Based, Research-Driven Learning

Central to our mission is the fusion of dynamic curriculum development with cutting-edge research. Through hands-on projects and in-depth studies, our community is not only engaging with the latest in blockchain technology but is also contributing to its evolution, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, and FinTech.

Cultivating Future Visionaries

Our goal is to empower not just the next generation of blockchain professionals but the next wave of leaders across sectors. By fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, we’re ensuring that the pioneers of tomorrow bring a rich tapestry of perspectives to the table, driving innovation that’s both groundbreaking and globally conscious.

As part of the Ripple UBRI ecosystem, we’re not just participating in the global dialogue on blockchain—we’re leading it. Join us as we continue to break new ground, merging academic rigor with real-world applications in our quest to define the future of technology and business.

Highlighting Our Impact:


Under the auspices of our collaboration with Ripple and the UBRI initiative, we’ve embarked on a series of transformative activities designed to push the boundaries of blockchain education and research. Here are some highlights:

Hosting and maintaining XRPL validator since 2019

As a committed supporter of the XRPL network, our XRPL validator plays a pivotal role in the ecosystem, included in the Unique Node List (UNL). Recognized for its exceptional performance and stability, UNIC’s validator has been identified by xrpscan.com as one of the top-performing validator nodes, consistently achieving a 100% agreement rate. Our active engagement in the voting process for amendments underscores our substantial contribution to the evolution and enhancement of the XRP Ledger.

Developing the Blockchain Benchmarking Framework (BBF): A Research Milestone

As part of our research endeavours, we developed the Blockchain Benchmarking Framework (BBF), a pioneering tool aimed at revolutionizing blockchain network analysis. By leveraging Dockerized blockchain clients, the BBF allows for the simulation of diverse network topologies, the injection of synthetic Byzantine faults, and detailed behaviour monitoring across various blockchain platforms. Its modular design facilitates future expansions and adaptability, making it a cornerstone in the field of blockchain research and development. This initiative highlights our commitment to advancing blockchain technology through rigorous research and innovative tools.

Showcasing Innovation at UBRI Connect 2022

In September 2022, our team took the stage at UBRI Connect, hosted by the UCL School of management in London, to demonstrate the capabilities of our Blockchain Benchmarking Framework. his workshop session provided a unique platform for us to share our research and developments with the global blockchain community, fostering dialogue and collaboration among industry experts, academics, and enthusiasts.

Leading Conversations in Blockchain

Participation in “All About Blockchain” Podcast: Our commitment to expanding the blockchain conversation has led us to contribute to the “All About Blockchain” podcast, an initiative by Ripple’s UBRI. Featuring insightful discussions led by our own Dr. Klitos Christodoulou on “NFT Credentialing” and our NFT Valuations team on “Empowering NFT Investors – NFT Valuations,” these episodes delve into cutting-edge topics, driving forward the discourse on NFTs and their impact on the digital landscape.

UBRI Connect 2023: Showcasing UNIC’s Blockchain Expertise

In October 2023, the University of Nicosia marked its presence at UBRI Connect, hosted by Toronto Metropolitan University at the Ted Rogers School of Management. This gathering in Toronto became a platform for our team to contribute significantly to the blockchain discourse. Our research paper, “Benchmarking Blockchains: The Case of XRP Ledger and Beyond,” was distinguished for its insights and selected for inclusion in the prestigious 2023 UBRI Highlight Report, underscoring our leadership and innovation in blockchain research.

Cyprus Tech Odyssey: XRPL Hackathon 2024: A Landmark Event at UNIC

In January 2024, the University of Nicosia hosted “Cyprus Tech Odyssey: XRPL Hackathon 2024,” a pivotal event in our partnership with Ripple and XRPL Commons. This three-day tech rendezvous attracted over 100 blockchain enthusiasts and developers to our campus, fostering a hotbed of innovation and collaborative spirit. The event kicked off with a fireside chat featuring insights from UNIC’s CEO & UBRI’s Director, setting an enthusiastic tone for the days ahead. Workshops on EVM compatibility and the XRPL’s NFT standard (XLS-20) equipped participants with cutting-edge knowledge, while the subsequent days focused on coding and creativity at the IFF UNIC offices. This Hackathon underscored our commitment to advancing blockchain exploration and development, celebrating the fusion of creativity and technology in the blockchain domain