The shifting landscape of the job market due to digital transformation necessitates the acquisition of new skill sets. In order to capitalize on these evolving trends, education and training systems must adapt more effectively to meet these changing demands. High-quality education plays a pivotal role in providing young individuals with the requisite knowledge, attitudes, skills, and mindsets to enable them to seize emerging opportunities.

Project Status: Completed
Start date: 01 November 2018
End date: 30 November 2021

Participating Organizations:
University of Nicosia (Project Coordinator), South-East European Research Centre (SEERC – Greece), University of Torino (Italy), Universidade de Santiago de Compostella (Spain), ComonExT (Italy), EBAN (Belgium), Gnomon Informatics (Greece), Insomnia Consulting (Spain)

Budget: € 990,664

A Knowledge Alliance for Blockchain in Academic, Entrepreneurial and Investment Training

Blockchain technology, being a relatively nascent field at the inception of the project, suffered from a dearth of comprehensive educational resources. Moreover, the available online materials often offered only a fragmented understanding of the subject. Consequently, there was a need to collaboratively design educational programs and curricula involving various stakeholders in the blockchain ecosystem, including industry players, policymakers, and governmental bodies.

DLT4ALL focused on addressing the insufficient understanding and utilization of Blockchain Technology and Decentralized Ledger Technologies (DLTs) among European entrepreneurs, students, angel investors, and incubator managers. Recognizing the profound economic and social implications of these technologies, the lack of knowledge and skills among these groups could hinder their ability to leverage the potential benefits in terms of growth and innovation. Transitioning all activities, including webinars and training sessions, online during the pandemic facilitated global participation from diverse regions.

DLT4ALL addressed the above challenges by:

• Collaboratively developing and implementing an innovative curriculum to bridge the skills gap, complemented by a pertinent foresight exercise.

• Enabling digital disruption through harnessing the decentralizing capabilities and transparency of blockchain and DLTs, thereby catalyzing the modernization of participating Higher Education Institutions' curricula, commercial strategies, and early-stage investment methodologies within and beyond the DLT4All community.

DLT4All has been a project marked by extensive collaboration among academic and corporate partners, who, together with the community, have crafted a multidisciplinary curriculum focusing on a largely unexplored yet immensely promising subject. Key outcomes of the project encompass:

• Eight interconnected training modules delving into the DLT phenomenon from various angles (e.g., technological, legal, organizational).

• One foundational module introducing the blockchain landscape.

• Engagement with a diverse audience, spanning from students to entrepreneurs, angel investors, startups, incubator managers, and beyond.

• A series of live online sessions designed to test the developed curriculum in real-world scenarios.