Blockchain skills development

The development of blockchain skills is paramount in today’s digital age, where the technology’s applications extend far beyond its initial financial use cases into sectors like supply chain management, healthcare, agri-culture and governance, among others. As blockchain technology continues to mature and integrate into various industries, the demand for skilled professionals who can navigate, innovate, and implement blockchain solutions is surging.

Recognizing the significant challenge of identifying professionals equipped with the precise blend of essential blockchain skills, IFF is committed to overcoming these obstacles not only through its educational programs but also by engaging in specific projects and initiatives designed to educate and equip professionals across various sectors with the critical skills, tools and knowledge required to excel as blockchain-competent experts. Our mission at IFF is to empower these individuals with the skills needed to navigate and thrive in the rapidly evolving blockchain ecosystem.

Indicative projects

Some of the projects we are or have been actively involved in include TRUST-FOOD, which implements blockchain courses tailored to reskill and upskill employees and jobseekers in the agri-food sector; CHAISE, a sector skills alliance that addresses the growing demand for blockchain skills in Europe, which we support as an Associated Partner; and DLT4ALL, which delivered a series of courses focused on European entrepreneurs and SMEs, students, investors, and incubator managers.

IFF is dedicated to preparing a workforce with the necessary skills to address current technological challenges and capable of driving future innovations.