Blockchain adoption

Despite the advantages of blockchain technology, its adoption is still limited, highlighting the need for research focused on its uptake. The shift towards extensive blockchain integration is a gradual process, fraught with numerous challenges. These obstacles impact both users and developers, necessitating concerted efforts to navigate them.

In response, we are engaged in projects designed to address these challenges, helping more organizations and companies recognize the benefits of blockchain and explore integration strategies.

Indicative projects

Our involvement includes projects like BLOCKPOOL, which aimed to encourage SMEs to adopt Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies; TRUST-FOOD, which facilitates blockchain adoption in the agri-food sector through specialized courses; and the Austrian Blockchain Center (ABC), a hub that provides all necessary R&D services for the effective execution of DLT-based projects.

As the academic partner of the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, an initiative by the European Commission designed to accelerate blockchain within the EU, we spearhead and contribute to a multitude of studies, initiatives, and events. Our goal is to enhance the understanding of blockchain among European citizens, thereby facilitating a more widespread adoption of this transformative technology across Europe and beyond.

IFF stands at the forefront of driving global blockchain adoption, passionately working to unlock its transformative power across industries and borders worldwide.