Comprehensive study on atmospheric pollution in urban areas in Cyprus

The Cyprus Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry funded study features EHRC Research Fellow, Dr Constantinos Hadjistassou

The recently published study on simulating changes in the concentration of anthropogenic air pollutants in urban areas in Cyprus and their effect on mortality was led by Mr Evangelos Dimitriou and Dr Constantinos Hadjistassou, an EH Research Centre Fellow. 

The study simulated the levels of air pollutants, namely, CO, NOx, PM2.5, and PM10 and reconciled them with actual air quality measurements in Nicosia, Cyprus, during a 9-month period at an hourly resolution. To this end, several scenarios and cases were formulated to tackle emissions and minimise human mortality risks in the city. 

The results of the research on “Lowering mortality risks in urban areas by containing atmospheric pollution” appeared in the prestigious scientific journal Environmental Research: 

The study was funded by the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry, Republic of Cyprus.