Interactive Media and Animation (BA, 4 Years)

The programme provides broad training in the digital arts. Students will specialise in animation, video, visual effects, web design, interaction and interface design, virtual reality and computer game design, and develop an appreciation of multimedia project management.

The courses are based on both theory and practice and will provide students with the skills they need to gain employment in many digital design industries or become the digital artists of the future.

Fine Art (BA, 4 Years)

The Fine Art programme aims to:

  • To enable the students to demonstrate an innovative and professional approach to contemporary Fine Art practices integrating theoretical principles into their practice.
  • To develop an independent and informed high quality arts practice in the students’ chosen mediums through specialised workshops, tutorials, lectures and group critiques.
  • To develop a critical approach towards contemporary arts practice and use this to inform their own professional practice through an emphasis on theoretical, historical and cultural fine art contextualisation.
  • To enable students to develop a personalised vision in relation to their practice and to be able to work collaboratively with others, in the current system of contemporary art, which focuses on collaborative and collective practices.

Graphic and Digital Design (BA, 4 Years)

The Graphic and Digital Design programme aims to:

  • Provide an integrated, stimulating education in design for students who wish to obtain a firm grounding in the practice of the subject, informed by theory and history.
  • Equip students with the understanding and appropriate skills to operate effectively within a competitive and diverse design industry.
    Stimulate students to develop their own interests within the broad field of enquiry offered by the subject and to develop a range of intellectual, visual, technical and social skills.
  • Provide learners with the means for lifelong learning within the professional or educational environment.
  • Provide reflective and responsive graphic design training which is directly relevant to the changing needs of the creative and manufacturing industries.

Digital Art and Design (MA, 1.5 Years or 3 Semesters)

The course provides a specialist, professionally focused area of study- giving students the opportunity to explore the dynamic interdisciplinary field of digital art and design. It has a strong studio aspect integrated with studies in history, theory and technology. Students may engage in a range of art and design electives including curatorial and educational studies, interdisciplinary studios, and placements associated with art and design research projects. Students will develop skills in creative digital art and design practice to a professional standard, and extend their learning and deepen their understanding of visual language concepts and systems. The programme enables one to develop the ability to handle complex issues, and to collect, analyse and interpret data. You will collaborate effectively in multidisciplinary teams, and experiment and adapt innovative and creative new art and design approaches demonstrating a critical understanding of contemporary theory and practice in digital art and design. Students will also acquire the professional skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace for art and design. They will gain an understanding of ethical responsibility and of the impact of their work in a social, cultural and environmental context.

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