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Andrea Chloe Zittis

The University of Nicosia and in particular the Department of Design and Multimedia has offered me the best possible education in the field of Graphic Communication. Lecturers and staff make an effort to provide students with the most appropriate tools that will help them achieve their future goals.The Department of Design and Multimedia has helped me to display my work in exhibitions and participate in important competitions and events. The Graphic Communication programme has offered me the opportunity to gain knowledge, broaden my perspective, and provided me with the skills and confidence to pursue postgraduate studies.

George Voudias

Studying Applied Multimedia at the University of Nicosia was an amazing experience. The projects given were challenging and helped me to develop different approaches for problem solving and analysis, whilst developing my own style. The courses give you a complete idea of the multimedia field, covering a lot of theory but also allow you to practice on different subjects and software. The Department of Design and Multimedia has a number of very talented and committed
tutors whom I had the opportunity to meet; they were always there for the students willing to help but also to motivate and support.

Elpida Stylianou

On finishing high school I realized that the only University that met the criteria I was aiming for was the University of Nicosia. There I chose to study Applied Multimedia. This was the best decision I ever made. I had excellent cooperation with my lecturers, who were responsible, strict, but also very friendly. During my studies I enjoyed the freedom to be creative and productive and was given the opportunity to work on real life projects. On completion of my studies I graduated with an honours degree in Applied Multimedia. I then continued my studies at the University of Nicosia and received a Minor in Graphic Communication. The future now belongs to me!

Margarita Pissis

I entered the Graphic Communication (BA) programme at the University of Nicosia in October 2009. I had no idea that those were going to be the four most creative years of my life so far… it was very exciting seeing my work getting better and better and more mature and my passion growing. Of course nothing would be possible without the amazing team of the professors of the Department of Design & Multimedia. They were so passionate about their job… pushing us to become as
good as we could design-wise!

Christopher Paparisvas

When I was looking for a University to study Graphic Design, I was worried that I might not choose the right one. After an interview with the Head of the Department I felt that I was in the right place. During the course I have managed to improve on my creative skills as well as my concept development ability. Being a fan of image manipulation I have to say that the most useful courses for me personally were “Digital Imaging” and “Illustration”. After I finished my BA degree I
was offered a place by a very respectable British university, where I now complete my MA in Graphic Design.

Alexia Theocharidou

I have only good things to say about my time at the University of Nicosia. Choosing to study Graphic Communication was the best decision I made and I did not regret it not even a second. Being a part of that department and surrounded by people with common interests and passion about design was really motivating and a fun atmosphere to be in. The one thing that I feel lucky about is my tutors; the lecturers were really helpful, guiding us every step of the way, always boosting our
creativity and helping us to be as good as we possibly could be.Through the work of the department and the events that were organized by the Design Society, I got the chance to meet well known designers and attend their lectures and workshops, something that not many students have the chance to experience, especially here in Cyprus.

Andreas Neophytou

My university years were a magnificent journey. The introduction to the Multimedia course, the fascinating first meeting with the Head of the Department, the great tutors with their splendid personalities, the coffee breaks, the creativity sessions, all the way through to graduation. The University had set the mood with its beautiful location, rooms and facilities. The courses were great, interesting and well structured, and our tutors assisted and guided us through the projects. They provided us with knowledge, freedom of expression and creativity. We have gained design skills and experiences that we would use in the real world after the completion of our studies. Those years I will never forget.

Galatia Messaritou

Graphic Communication was my second degree and I had really big expectations from this course. I can now say that I got more out of this program than I ever expected. I really enjoyed being around with other people interested in design and working on creative and very interesting projects. I was inspired by talented tutors, who were passionately guiding us through the design process. The programme in GC has been a very rewarding experience; I loved and enjoyed every minute
of all courses during my studies.

Theodoros Mavrosavva

An efficient balance between professionalism, free creative thinking, and implementation was my excellent experience during my student years at the University of Nicosia. Being a member of the Applied Multimedia family, gave me the chance to create strong friendships and promising future relations with fellow students and faculty. Cooperation, healthy competitive manners, passion for the technology field, out of the box thinking, and educational methodologies made a successful package that I personally will never forget! Goals were reached at the most because of the good motivation given.

Andreas Kyprianou

My life changed during my studies at the University of Nicosia. Multimedia first started as an interest that gradually became a passion.Workshops, targeted projects and the friendly environment motivated me to study hard. When we started to combine the different tools and principles I realized that Applied Multimedia was going to be my passion for life.The University of Nicosia provides an excellent environment for solid foundations of design and a variety of tools and media.

Pavlina Damianou

All our projects were like real jobs and this made us know what to do in real-life situations with clients. Through the classes I have learned to develop a critical way of thinking and challenge conventional ideas. There is a close interaction between lecturers and students; we always shared concerns, opinions and philosophies. The scene was set for new ideas and conversations were held during classes, and this helped me to broaden my horizons and look at things from different points of view. In the Graphic Communication programme I was given creative freedom and defined my own personal goals.

Mustafa Husain

I feel lucky to have been taught by high calibre faculty at the DDM. Seminars, workshops, competitions, exhibitions, and conferences were brought into our learning environment and helped us interact with the industry, the academia, and the society. In collaboration with my teachers we established the “Design Society” which provides a platform for design students to interact with each other, plan activities, participate in local and international competitions; the success was overwhelming! On completion of my course I worked for large commissioned projects for the “International Short Film Festival”, the “Cyprus Sports Organisation”, and the “Cyprus Theatre Organisation”. After I returned to my homeland, I lead the team that designed and developed the “Pakistan Elections 2013” website for the largest business newsgroup in Pakistan, “Business Recorder”. At the DDM we learned to be not just creative but also innovative and this is what I’ll keep on doing here in Pakistan.

Babak Farzadkish

Studying Multimedia at the University of Nicosia was a great experience. I had the opportunity to be educated in such a great place with high quality professors and faculty members. The University has remarkable facilities for higher education studies and a solid, appropriate infrastructure of lessons. I respected all of my teachers’ instructions and studied very hard
in order to achieve excellence. After graduation I had an offer from the University of Nicosia to study for an MBA degree with full scholarship and was also granted a full scholarship from Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) to study Interactive Art & Technology. After having spent four years studying at the University of Nicosia, I now wish to come back to Cyprus either for another degree or to live there. I would like to express my gratitude to all my professors and to the Student Affairs Department that made all these opportunities possible.

Sevag Barkhudaryan

The expert faculty members of the DDM are very dedicated to helping their students, and the availability of the finest resources in the library and in the classrooms will surprise even the most curious and demanding minds. A unique learning environment has been created. The two international conferences, as well as numerous extracurricular design talks and workshops have greatly contributed to my development by expanding my knowledge of new disciplines — which I’d like to pursue after I graduate. Choosing to study graphic design at the University of Nicosia was one of the smartest and most rewarding decisions that I made.

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