UNIC’s modern campus is made up of 20 purpose-built and customised buildings situated amid the urban landscape in the bustling suburb of Engomi in Nicosia.

Over the last few years, we have invested over €100 million in our campus infrastructure.

The expansive layout of our campus allows us to provide specialised facilities to support each academic department. The whole neighbourhood is oriented towards student life, allowing for a unique social experience, characterised by community interaction, diversity, learning and fun.

In addition to the teaching facilities, the campus provides the full set of student amenities and support services. You can walk to almost any building on campus within 15 minutes, while there is a large free car park for off-campus students in the centre of campus. Moreover, there are connecting pedestrian paths between the main campus buildings suitable for a stroll and getting to class on foot.

On-Campus Veterinary Facilities

Veterinary students are provided with cutting-edge laboratories that foster learning, research, and animal care excellence. The labs are designed to facilitate interactive learning experiences, encouraging students to collaborate, share ideas, and engage in discussions. Safety protocols are in place, and students are trained in handling biohazardous materials responsibly.

Anatomy Lab

Using animal cadavers in the Anatomy Lab offers invaluable hands-on learning opportunities for students. Students gain a deeper understanding of real-life anatomical structures and variations by dissecting and studying specimens. This practical experience fosters critical thinking, improves surgical skills, and prepares future veterinary professionals for the challenges they may encounter in their careers. Interacting with animal cadavers also instils a sense of responsibility, empathy, and respect for the animals they will care for, ensuring well-rounded and compassionate veterinarians.

The state-of-the-art imaging technology, Anatomage, incorporated in the Anatomy Lab, brings numerous advantages to our students’ learning experience. This top-notch imaging system offers highly detailed 3-D virtual models of multiple animal species, allowing for interactive exploration of anatomical structures with unparalleled realism and precision. The Anatomage system enhances student comprehension and engagement, providing a complete understanding of complex anatomical concepts.

The lab also has an extensive collection of plastinated tissues and realistic anatomy models.

Biochemistry Labs

An integral part of the Veterinary programme, the Biochemistry Labs are equipped with the latest technology and instruments, ensuring students have hands-on experience with industry-standard equipment. The laboratories offer a comprehensive range of tools for analyzing and understanding biochemical processes, from high-performance liquid chromatographs (HPLCs) to spectrophotometers, PCR machines, digital microscopes, and gas chromatographs (GCs).

A team of experienced biochemists and veterinary specialists leads the labs. They guide students through practical applications and experimental procedures, enriching their understanding of the intersection between biochemistry and animal health. The focus is on bridging the gap between theory and practice by integrating real-world case studies into the lab sessions. Students gain invaluable experience diagnosing, monitoring, and treating biochemical imbalances impacting animal health by working with samples from animal patients.

Affiliated Facilities

ARI is a model centre of knowledge and innovation and operates under
the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment
of Cyprus. Its research activity strengthens rural development and
contributes to the adoption of a sustainable rural policy and innovation.
ARI’s national reference farm is the site where a national genetics
improvement programme for farm animals is being implemented.
Students will be trained on all modern methods of phenotype-genotype
associations and will have access to a wealth of research data.

Papapetrou Brothers Cattle Farm

A private cattle farm which applies all modern methods of cattle farming and optimal herd management techniques.

Students will benefit from the modern on-site teaching facilities.

Veterinary Services are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment of Cyprus. Their aim is to protect public health from the stable to the table through the eradication and control of contagious diseases
of animals, to minimize the risk of entrance into the country of other diseases, and to regulate all food of animal origin. Students will have access to modern diagnostic and research facilities as well as to modern histopathology laboratories.