The new School of Veterinary Medicine has developed a new, exciting and innovative curriculum covering the whole five years of the course. The programme includes a strong basic science theme, which underpins everything required in clinical veterinary medicine. Graduates will acquire the knowledge and skills for life-long learning, enabling them to continue their professional development throughout their careers in whatever avenue of veterinary medicine they choose to follow.

The development of practical skills, involving animals and communication skills with owners, begins early in the course and will progress throughout the first four years of the course, leading to a clinically immersed final year where students will engage in veterinary practice under direct supervision of veterinarians in all disciplines and at all levels of care.

The course will be given by members of staff who are experts in their field and many will have an active research programme, which will help keep their teaching relevant and current. There will be an emphasis on evidence-based medicine and One Health as well as the development of diagnostic skills through critical thinking and clinical problem-solving and the development of practical clinical skills in dedicated laboratory setting before their application in practice.

We believe the course will be academically stimulating as well as practical and we look forward to implementing and developing our curriculum with our successful applicants to the DVM course.

Professor Michael HerrtageMA, BVSc, DVSc, DVR, DVD, DSAM, FRCVS, Dip. ECVIM, Dip. ECVDI,  RCVS and European Specialist in Small Animal MedicineDean