Thursday, 16 November 2023

The second-year veterinary students recently participated in practical learning experiences at various dairy and livestock farms, as well as a boar centre. These field trips were led by Dr Catalina Cabrera, Assistant Professor of Veterinary Reproductive Biology and Animal Breeding, and Dr Marios Christoforou, Clinical Associate.

The students gained hands-on experience in farm management, also immersing themselves in essential aspects of farm husbandry, including the application of reproductive technologies. They practiced their skills in pregnancy diagnosis in cattle using ultrasound, extended similar techniques to sheep and goats, and observed various procedures at the boar centre, a facility specialising in advanced swine genetics.

These farm visits are an integral component of the reproductive biology and genetics course, that introduces students to reproductive systems, assisted reproductive technologies, and fundamental genetic principles. They are crucial for optimising production, tackling infertility and genetic problems, and equipping students with the skills they will need as future veterinarians. They are also vital in developing the essential skills required for the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine programme.

The School of Veterinary Medicine is grateful to Kouellas Farm, Leopar Holding LTD, Marios Lambrianides Farm LTD, Smyrillis Jersey Farms, and Karaloukas Cattle Farm for their invaluable support. Their contribution significantly enhances the educational experience for our students.