School of Veterinary Medicine and Nicosia Race Club join forces

24 October 2023

The School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) and the Nicosia Race Club (NRC) are pleased to announce the signing of an Agreement which solidifies an existing partnership between the SVM and NRC, aimed at enhancing equine veterinary care, education, and research.

As part of this Agreement, the NRC’s equine veterinary clinic will be exclusively utilized for veterinary activities, educational programmes, and research initiatives by the SVM. Additionally, the SVM will contribute to upgrading the clinic’s infrastructure and equipment, ultimately leading to improvements in horse care services.

Professor Andreas Charalambous, the Executive Vice President of UNIC Health, highlighted the continuity of this collaboration, which has been ongoing for two years. He emphasized its significance in advancing education, research, and clinical training for veterinary students.

Mr George Hadjiminas, the General Manager of the NRC, stressed the complementary nature of the partnership. It aligns with the NRC’s mission to enhance the quality of veterinary services for horses and contribute to the education of future veterinarians.

In conclusion, Mr Alexis Charalambides, President of the NRC, emphasized the mutual benefits of this collaboration for students, the Nicosia Race Club, and the broader equestrian industry. This partnership will contribute to the improvement of education and racehorse care.

L-R: Gen. Manager NRC Mr G. Hadjiminas, President NRC Mr A. Charalambides, Exec. VP UNIC Health Prof Andreas Charalambous, Head of UNIC Veterinary Medicine Dept. Dr Manos Vlasiou.