The GROHE Design Series was launched in 2012 by GROHE’s Middle East, Africa and Eastern Mediterranean Office in order to promote and reward the creative design of students in the fields of Interior Design, Architecture and Applied Multimedia / Graphic Communication. The Department of Architecture and the Design and Multimedia Department of the University of Nicosia were selected by GROHE, the leading German manufacturer of sanitary ware, to collaborate in this series. It is noted that the University of Nicosia is the first university in Europe, participating in this recognized design program. This year’s competition focused on the design of a home spa using local cultural elements and was ultimately aimed at promoting collaboration among students.

Five teams participated in the first phase of the competition, out of which three qualified for the second stage (“Lefkara Delight”, “CU There” and “Nudists on the Rocks”). The Jury, consisting of professors from the University of Nicosia and representatives of GROHE, selected the proposal “Nudists on the Rocks” for the pioneering work and the dynamic presentation. The winning entry was designed by Konstantina Xenophontos, Graphic Communication Programme of the Design and Multimedia Department, and Dionysis Voniatis, a fourth year student of the Interior Design Program, and Anna Athanasiou, a graduate student of the Diploma of Architecture (DipArch), both students of the Department of Architecture. The winners will participate in the international internship program of GROHE 2018 at one of the company’s offices in Europe or the Middle East.

“Nudists on the rocks” – 1st prize: Dionisis Voniatis, Konstantina Xenofontos, Anna Athanasiou 
“Lefkara Delight” – shortlisted: Stefanos Farmaki, Froso Thimotheou, Irene Karotsi 
“Cu there” – shortlisted: Andria Theodoulou 
“Antiqua”: Sarvenaz Jahandar, Stefanos Panteli, Alexandros Kontos 
“He was grand but she left an era”: Anthimos Papaperikleous,  Maria Poyiadji