Students and staff of the Fine Art programme- Department of Design and Multimedia, University of Nicosia made a series of murals at Elaionas Refugee Camp in Athens in collaboration with Project Elea, June 2017.

With the support  and collaboration of the University of Nicosia, Shaping Common Paths-Travelling Neighbourhoods (European Cultural Foundation), Project Elea and the involved students.


Staff:  Yiannis Hadjipanayis, Konstantinos Zannetos Evi Tselika

Students: Sophia Scotti  Christofia Christofie Panagiotis Christofidis Eleftheria Xenophontos Sofia Grammatikogianni, Alexia Anthimou Leonidas Constantinou,


Elaionas refugee camp in Athens is a state run facility which hosts approximately 1,200 people from 28 different countries. The team carried out the murals in collaboration with Project Elea (,*  which is a voluntary organisation based on a long term basis at the camp that carries out activities in collaboration with the residents. We would like to continue this collaboration between the University and the Project by fundraising (for specific items in need) at a later stage. If students are interested for volunteering they can refer here-


The university team spent one week there and created 3 murals as well as assisting in various workshops run by Project Elea.


Main mural on surrounding camp wall developed based on the urban environment of Athens and nature- plants flying over the city and growing out of it. This was a collaboratively developed idea in which the students created stencils of plants, which will be further used for workshops by Project Elea- as they can be reused.


Stencil Motif added to the wall dividing Elaionas A and Elaionas B



Animal Mural by the playground with the help of children and adult residents of the camp

Stencil technique allowing the students to work fast




*Project Elea is a group of volunteers from around the world who have come together to work collaboratively with the residents of Eleonas Refugee Camp in Athens to improve living standards and community well-being. Approved by the Greek Ministry of Migration and working independently within the camp, the project is a long-term one. In addition to providing basic services such as food & clothing distribution enormous emphasis goes into creative engagement through a varied schedule of activities (10-12 per day) focusing on education, sports, culture, environment and skill-sharing for both children and adults.