Project “Flora Nicossiensis” | a collaboration Ms Niki Sioki, Maria Stavride and Ms Evanthia Tselika:

The educational and research character of this collaboration included the following:


  • Discovering “Flora Nicossiensis” / Student Workshop / 21 October 2016

Contacted by Niki Sioki, Evanthia Tselika and Maria Stavride

Students visited Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia and walked around the old city centre in order to visually explore/ discover “Flora Nicossiensis”.

  •  Botanical Illustration Workshop / 25 November 2016

Contacted by Eleni McLoughlin who has been botanically illustrating the endemics of Cyprus.

  •  Exhibition /Symposium  24 November – 4 December  2017
    “ Whoever has a tree has a shade”/ 

The exhibition and symposium “ Whoever has a tree has shade” visually explored ideas around the social ecology of urban nature and how we can consider our commons and our communities through our transforming use and relationship with the land. The gardens, plants, trees and fields of Nicosia and their stories of shaping community from past and present act as a means to reflect on the patterns of the natural world within the urban environment. The exhibition and associated events sprouted out of the way common spaces and gardens are presented in the state housing estates, constructed to re-house internally displaced Cypriots.

a) EXHIBITION: A series of edible plants presented by botanical illustrator Eleni McLoughlin who has been botanically illustrating the endemics of Cyprus. Fragments from the archive of Robert Desmond Meikle who collated two volumes which mapped the Flora of Cyprus (1977 and 1985) were also on display, on load by Eleni McLoughlin. Contributions included material by historian Antonis Hadjikyriacou, Athina Antoniadou, Efi Savvides, Penelope Vasquez Lyra, pick nick, Orestis Lambrou & Evi Tselika and Flora Nicossiensis, and an environment/installation based on art and design work produced over the course of one year by students from the Graphic Communication and Fine Art programmes, Department of Design and Multimedia, University of Nicosia.

b) SYMPOSIUM: 1st December 2018: “Gardens and communities:  the commons, nature and urban landscapes” Invited Speakers: Maria Christodoulou, Maria Hadjimichael, Achilleas Kentonis, Thomas Kyriacou, Niki Sioki, Maria Stavride Evi Tselika.