13 June 2024

Teaching Children Vocabulary and Artistic Techniques with AI-Generated Art

Explore Creative Learning with Diverse Art Styles and AI Technology

This is an educational prompt aimed at teaching children vocabulary and understanding of artistic techniques and aesthetics. The curated images are here as examples only. Parents or teachers can use this basic prompt or build it out further, thereby fostering an awareness of how human-directed AI can lead to creativity. I experimented with various techniques, creating images in the styles of pastel colors, animation, crocheted art, crayon drawing, chalk drawing, charcoal drawing, color field painting, claymation, cartoon style, blacklight paint, collage, acrylic paint, fused glass, LEGO style, pebble art, plasticine, and watercolor paint MIDJOURNEY V6 PROMPT [Unicorn] in the style of [ ] [chosen format e.g.--style raw --ar 3:2 --stylize 175 ]

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