6 February 2024

Third Top AI Platform In 2023: Quillbot. It’s Safe To Assume Our Students Are Using It

Learn how Quillbot’s AI-powered writing tools can aid lecturers and students in universities with its key features and practical uses.

According to this article by Anish Singh Walia on Medium, Quillbot was the top 3 most visited AI tool of 2023 with a staggering amount of 1.1 billion users. So it's safe to say students are definitely using the tool to paraphrase, summarise, cite and grammar check their work.

What is it?

Quillbot is an AI-powered writing assistant, that has emerged as a valuable tool for university lecturers and students alike. Its suite of features—ranging from a paraphrasing tool to a grammar checker—offers practical solutions to common writing challenges faced in academia.


Paraphrasing Tool

The paraphrasing tool is helps users rephrase or refine their writing to help with clarity and originality. This is useful for:

  • Students writing essays/research papers. It helps them to present ideas in a clear, concise, and original manner.
  • Lecturers preparing lecture notes or research proposals. It helps their content be engaging and free from unintentional plagiarism.
Grammar Checker

The grammar checker offers:

  • Suggestions for grammatical improvements help students add finishing touches to their assignments before submission.
  • Feedback on style and tone assist lecturers in maintaining a consistent and professional tone in their academic publications.

Quillbot's summarizer is capable of:

  • Condensing lengthy articles or chapters into concise summaries, saving research time.
  • Highlighting key points in research materials or reading assignments, making it easier to study and to prepare lectures.
Citation Generator

The citation generator simplifies referencing:

  • Automatically formatting citations in various styles, which assists students in adhering to strict academic writing guidelines.
  • Generating bibliographies for lecturers, streamlining the process of compiling references for academic papers and textbooks.

Practical Applications

For Students:
  • Improve Essay Writing Use the paraphrase tool to improve arguments and assure uniqueness.
  • Efficient study: Use the summarizer to quickly evaluate reading content.
  • Error-free Submissions: Use the grammar checker to improve articles and tasks.
For lecturers:
  • Engaging Lecture notes: Use the paraphrase tool to deliver information in a captivating manner.
  • Research Efficiency: Use the summarizer to condense complicated documents or reports.
  • Professional Publications: Use the grammar checker and citation generator to ensure that your academic papers are free of errors and properly cited.
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