Engageli 3.1 Is Here!

Engageli 3.1 is committed to improving access, increasing learner engagement, and creating more flexibility for
instructors! It also introduces the *BRAND NEW* Engageli Collaboration Hubs!

Wondering what Engageli is? To It was created specifically to give teachers the tools they need to deliver synchronous and asynchronous, engaging virtual learning experiences. They are continually improving their product and incorporating partner feedback to make sure it offers a flexible and inclusive learning environment.

Improved access: More learners, easier learning

  • Interface language - Learners and instructors around the world who feel more comfortable with Spanish, French, and Japanese will have the option to switch their interface language
  • Caption language - Closed captioning will automatically detect the spoken language to provide appropriate captions for learners in sessions of different languages
  • Dial-in* - will be available for learners on-the- go to join a class by calling in
  • Android App - the much awaited Android app will be available on the Google Play store for learners to join Engageli from their mobile device

Flexibility for the instructor:

It is important for a seamless learning experience, which is why Engageli 3.1 has prioritized this through:

  • Ability to peek at tables to check in on table activities without having to join a table

  • Two browser-based instructors to allow co-teaching with ease
  • Email notifications for new questions in the Q&A forum
  • Advanced controls for classroom management
  • Ability to record class gallery and keep track of what is being recorded
  • Larger screen real estate for file and screen share

New active learning tools build on learner engagement

  • Annotation - Learners will be able to annotate an instructorʼs screen share, or file share to enable more dynamic class discussions and gives learners yet another modality to participate
  • Long Form Polls - No longer restricted by word clouds, learners will be able to respond to poll questions with up to 280 characters for more in-depth responses during a class to test for understanding or to collect different perspectives

  • Whiteboard - Learners and instructors will be able to add images to the whiteboard directly to provide a more flexible experience.

BRAND NEW: Collaboration Hubs

Engageli Collaboration Hubs expand the possibilities for asynchronous learning content

  • Always-on playback rooms where learners can choose which group they want to join to work through asynchronous learning content
  • No need for a live instructor to facilitate learning
  • Easy-to-use course authoring tools that allow instructors to turn content into interactive assignments in seconds
  • Collaborative asynchronous learning is possible for fully asynchronous courses or blended learning courses

Please note that this article was based on a document provided by Engageli to highlight the major changes
expected in the Engageli 3.1 platform; details are subject to change until release. This does not serve as a replacement for the external release notes that will be published upon the release. *some new features are subject to additional charges.