13 June 2024

Unlocking AI Excellence: TELC Training Sessions on the Accelerate Platform

Empowering Faculty and Staff with Powerflow and My Files for Enhanced Productivity and Collaboration by Cynthia Efremoglou

The TELC unit recently conducted various group and one-to-one training programs for its faculty and staff on the new AI platform called Accelerate. The platform includes a suite called Powerflow, which features the latest ChatGPT-4.0 technology. Powerflow includes models such as Stream, Parallel, and Sequential to enhance AI-driven tasks. Additionally, the platform offers a file storage system called My Files, which provides efficient file management capabilities. Users can store, share, and collaborate on documents seamlessly and send these files to the AI, Powerflow.

The training sessions ensure that all participants can effectively use advanced AI tools. Feedback from faculty and staff has been overwhelmingly positive, especially regarding the usefulness of the one-to-one training sessions. TELC aims to support all colleagues at the University of Nicosia. There is growing interest among faculty and staff, and training will be expanded in Fall 2024 to include 'prompt engineering'. Additionally, TELC will offer ongoing training sessions throughout the year.

Here is how you can book your training with TELC:

One-to-One Training Bookings


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