13 June 2024

Exploring Cyprus Through Midjourney: The Intersection of AI Art and Human Creativity

Weeks of analysis of the capabilities and limitations of Midjourney, have yielded some fascinating results. Images by Chris Alexander (Head of TELC).

These Cyprus-focused images are the result of weeks of analysis on the capabilities and limitations of Midjourney. Interestingly, this process has made me more appreciative of the beauty and perfection of our 'real world.' Unfortunately, there's significant animosity surrounding AI art. I believe this powerful technology has the potential to enhance human creativity, and considerable skill is still required to craft effective prompts and curate the best shots. 

Example Prompt 1

/imagine prompt: A foreground macro view of an early morning scene at a Cyprus seashore, waves gently washing over colorful pebbles. Pebbles in natural shades, smooth, glossy, wet from seawater. Clear, shallow Mediterranean Sea water softly lapping against the shore, light play from the sunrise casting a soft, golden glow. Tranquil, serene atmosphere. Created Using: hd quality, natural look, aerial perspective, gentle waves, vivid colors, soft lighting, serene mood    --style raw --ar 4:3 --stylize 100

Example Prompt 2

/imagine No sun at all. A panoramic spring view of a Cypriot landscape during twilight. Softly rolling hills and distant mountains under a completely cloudy twilight sky, providing a subtle. Created Using: soft light photography, high dynamic range, natural setting, historic charm, expansive spring green landscape, outdoor photography, overcast ambiance --ar 3:2

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