6 March 2024

Coming Soon: Upgraded TELC Training Service: Exclusive 1-1 Sessions With Follow-Up Support (PowerFlow & Accelerate Training Available Too)

This new redesigned page focuses on 1-1 training sessions on cutting-edge learning technologies. The process of signing up has also been streamlined to maximise ease-of-use.

1 to 1 training for staff and faculty now available at TELC at hours convenient for lecturers (PowerFlow & Accelerate training also included)

To ensure success we offer follow-up support after the training sessions!

Choose Your Flavour

We have an expansive list of training options designed to cater to a wide range of interests and needs. Our offerings span across several cutting-edge categories, ensuring that every trainee finds something to match their academic or staff needs.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Dive into the future with sessions that cover things like citations, prompting, reimagining assignments and more.
  • Moodle: Whether you're new to this popular learning management system or looking to deepen your expertise, our Moodle training covers user essentials, and advanced features to enhance your materials and usage. Includes gamification, peer assessment, wikis, groups, rubrics, plagiarism and more.
  • Web 2.0: Training sessions that explore tools and strategies for interactivity, collaboration, gaming and active learning.
  • Content Creation: Unlock your creative potential with training in digital storytelling, multimedia editing, and content best-practices to make your ideas stand out in today's crowded digital landscape. Includes Camtasia, Storyline, PowerPoint, Sway and more.
  • External Training: These are recorded training sessions performed by external individuals, such as Microsoft, Engageli, PebblePad, Proctorio and more.

AI (Artificial Intelligence): This category includes things like Accelerate, Reimagining Assignments, AI-Assisted Course Syllabus Improvements, Generative Art Platforms, Prompting Tools. With more to be added as we stay on the cutting edge of this new AI era.

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