27 February 2024

Introducing ‘Groq,’ the AI chip that outperforms Elon Musk’s Grok

Two AI businesses claim ownership of the science fiction name “Grok,” but only one is driving the AI industry forward.

So, what exactly is Groq?

Groq is an AI chip company that claims to provide the world's fastest large language models, outperforming Nvidia's GPUs and Google's TPUs1. Groq's chips are referred to as Language Processing Units (LPUs), and they enable AI chatbots to communicate with humans in real time.

GroQ vs. Grok

The name Groq is similar to Grok, an AI chatbot created by Elon Musk's xAI. Both names are based on a science fiction term that means "to understand profoundly and intuitively." Groq's founder and CEO, Jonathon Ross, claims to have trademarked the name Groq in 2016 and welcomes Musk to the Groq galaxy.

Ross was a co-founder of Google's AI chip division, which developed cutting-edge chips for training AI models. He claims Groq's LPUs overcome two bottlenecks that GPUs and CPUs encounter: compute density and memory bandwidth.

(Video) Watch as Groq shocks people with its speed and comprehension:

Industry Impact

Groq's increased chip speeds could jumpstart the AI world, opening up new avenues for real-time communication with AI chatbots. AI experts, including OpenAI's Sam Altman, are also interested in developing their own AI chips. Groq's demos have gone viral, demonstrating how quickly it can generate factual responses and engage in verbal conversations.

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