27 February 2024

Generate A Professional Video in 2 Minutes Using AI

New Text-to-video Content Developing Tool that TELC is Using. Interested in learning more? Contact TELC

"We asked the UNIC AI platform 'Powerflow' (currently beta) for the top 3 topics for university students within these disciplines: medicine, psychology, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse. Moreover, an additional video topic on Web3.0 was generated. Then we choose a topic from each and produced these upgraded-account Invideo movies in about 15 minutes in total. What does this show us? We can now create high-quality AI-generated content, which is editable and has a transcript. This technology could be used to supplement/complement the lecture-content of DL/F2F courses.  I am very impressed how the AI chooses suitable visual content" - Dr Chris Alexander

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