Engageli: View/Edit Shared Class Files in Playback Room Class Recordings

Collaborative class files are now included in classroom recordings viewed in Engageli Playback Rooms.

What are Class Documents in Engageli?

A class document is a file that all students can see and edit during a class on the Engageli platform. Teachers can use this to share a file with students for group activities. If a class is recorded, students who watch the recording later can also see these shared documents.

Where in the Playback Room do I see them?

In the recorded class, there's a marker to show when the document was shared. When the viewer reaches that point in the recording, the document will open in a new tab. The viewer can add to the document and see what their classmates added during the live class.

Please note: Viewers should pause the recording before working on a class document.

Teaching Tips for Class Recordings and Documents
  • Share a document (Google or Microsoft 365) during the live class and give clear instructions for students watching later to contribute.
  • Use discussion prompts, group work, and class documents in your live class.
  • Use video clips, polls, collaborative materials, and the Q&A to make your recording more engaging.
  • Materials shared during the live class will appear in the Playback room for students watching later.
  • Give activity instructions in multiple ways (verbally in the recording, written on slides, in the class document, posted in the LMS announcements or message board, and/or in the Q&A).
  • Give a recommended time for activities and tell students watching later to pause the recording to complete the activity.

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