Using ChatPDF to speed up your reading of academic publications

ChatPDF is an AI that can summarise academic publications using prompts, giving you the ability to cover far more papers than you normally would.

About ChatPDF (link)

ChatPDF is a platform that allows you to upload documents, which it will then scan and understand using AI. At that point, you can use prompts to ask it questions about the document, this includes context, understanding, concepts to more technical things. You can even ask it to explain an advanced concept to you "as if you're a 10 year old"

ChatPDF can understand any language and reply in your preferred one.

Note: The free plan of ChatPDF has the following limitations:

  • 120 pages/PDF
  • 10 MB/PDF
  • 3 PDFs/day
  • 50 questions/day

Here is an example acadmic ai-related paper resource: About HuggingFace Papers (link)

HuggingFace Daily Papers is a space where you can find papers related to AI, with more posted daily. These are free and academic-level papers.

You can read the abstracts and then open them in new windows for reading - and download.

Combining the tools:

Here's how you can use the resource above with ChatPDF:

  1. Find a paper you're interested in from
  2. Download the paper
  3. Go to
  4. Upload paper into the platform
  5. Ask the AI questions!