7 Interesting AI-Powered Technologies

Fun fact: The banner in this post was generated from one of the tools mentioned below! (before being edited in Illustrator a bit)

Avatars for Microsoft Teams

According to Microsoft's research, video usage is highly correlated to meeting participation, inclusiveness, and effectiveness. Only ~30% of participants meet with their video on.

Avatars for Microsoft Teams offers an alternative to the current binary option of video or no video. Avatars for Teams gives you that much-needed camera break, while still allowing you to collaborate effectively. Include more people in the conversation— whether they need a break due to video fatigue, are joining from a different time zone, or just feel more comfortable with their video off.

Soon, you can represent yourself with customizable avatars and reactions.


Trinka is an online grammar checker and language correction AI tool for academic and technical writing.

  • Suggests corrections relevant to your subject and field of study/work.
  • Tone and style enhancements
  • Writing tips
  • Works on many subjects

Trinka finds difficult errors unique to academic writing that other grammar checker tools don’t. From advanced English grammar errors to scientific tone and style.

Free plan includes all features but 10,000 words per month, 1 plagiarism check. Check their plans for more info.


Perplexity is a very useful tool that allows you to search for anything, or ask any question and then pick which "medium" you want it to check in.

It will then do that and give me both the text I can cite and its source, so I can go check it out myself. Pretty cool. Also free.


Consensus makes finding rigorous answers simple and easy by automating parts of the research process. It uses AI to extract and
distill findings directly from scientific research

  • Only searches through peer-reviewed, published sources.
  • AI reads the papers for you and extracts key findings.
  • Results from scientists, not marketing teams.

Normal search results are based on what will make the most money, Consensus results are based on evidence from peer-reviewed studies.

Microsoft Designer

It is a tool for creating all types of graphics, from logos and invitations to blog banners and social media posts.

The difference is that it uses DALL-E 2 by OpenAI. That allows you to create images and artwork by entering a text description of what you want.

The feature will help you find unique graphics for your projects, and thanks to advanced programming they can be very realistic.

You can also use your own images and the built-in design tools to completely customize your visuals. With templates, shapes, photos, icons, text styles, and color themes, you can explore different looks and get the exact design to fit your project.

Code Translator

Using this tool one can input a myriad of programming languages and have it be converted into any other programming language, using GPT-3.5 or GPT-4.

It can be useful on its own but can also be used as an assignment where you have students analyse both input and output and determine if its correct, if changes can be made to improve it etc.


Boomy is an AI powered platform that allows you create music without requiring the prior experience of doing so. It has different styles that are generated by algorithms, which you can then reject, save or customise further.