8 Prompt Tools That Can Help You Create More Effective Prompts

Anyone can write a simple prompt, but knowing how to create a complex and specific prompt isn’t easy. These tools could help.

Promptomania (link) - Build advanced image generation prompts

The human-friendly prompt builder will help you generate prompts. You can also try it with other diffusion models, such as DALL-E 2, Disco Diffusion, WOMBO Dream, or any diffusion model.

WriteGPT (link) - Build ChatGPT prompts with ease with this Chrome extension

The multi-function web extension uses Chat GPT on any website while facilitating effective prompt engineering for content creation & consumption.

HuggingFace's CLIP Interrogator 2 (link) - Image to prompt tool

This lightweight tool is used to scan an image and then give you a possible prompt underneath. It is not as complex and as good as Midjourney's "Describe" functiom (which is paid), but it can still help a lot while also being free.

MidLibrary (link) - Library of Midjourney styles and guides

MidLibrary is a curated collection of hand-picked Midjourney styles and also has a weekly Midjourney Guide. It is a non-profit educational initiative run by a group of Midjourney enthusiasts and volunteers.

Prompthunt (link) - Library and generator for AI images

Prompthunt allows you to both create prompts (limited in the free account) and to browse community creations, many of which also give you the prompt they used to generate the image, so you can then put it into the image generator you want.

PlaygroundAI (link) - Another library and generator for AI images

PlaygroundAI is a platform that has a ton of AI-generated images, you can also use the platform to create your own using prompts. Its power is that when you see something you like - you can find the prompt used to generate it and copy it easily, remix the image, download it etc.

TypingMind (link) - A better UI for ChatGPT that also has a lot of prompt functionality

TypingMind is something of a third-party API tool that uses ChatGPT to essentially give you ChatGPT abilities but with a much better interface that includes things like:

  • Prompt library
  • Select a character (ChatGPT will then act like them)
  • Runs locally on browser
  • Free
  • Chat folders, search and export
  • Upload document

And more: you don't need to do anything to use it. We do recommend however that you change the model to GPT-4.

PromptPal (link) - Prompt library; free version has the simpler prompts.

This platform has a bunch of prompts in a simpler form (for example compared to the previous ones we mentioned). They're keeping their more complex prompts behind a subscription, though its free version still has many that can be used either as a basis or to get exactly what you want.