Human Experts Are Required To Craft & Explain Effective Prompts For Generative AI Image Platforms

A well-engineered prompt can create fantastic images. Here ,for instance, are the outputs of four well-known AI tools.

At first, there was this prompt:

a close up of a bug with big eyes, by Andrei Kolkoutine, zbrush central contest winner, afrofuturism, highly detailed textured 8k, reptile face, cyber steampunk 8 k 3 d, c 4 d ”, high detail illustration, detailed 2d illustration, space insect android, with very highly detailed face, super detailed picture --v 4 --q 2 --stylize 1000

As one can easily see, the prompt seems almost as if written by an alien, unless you have the multimedia knowledge to understand every single aspect. So unless you do, this prompt is pretty much useless to you and it can't be customised.

Well, we asked ChatGPT to explain the prompt as if we have zero multimedia knowledge, and this is what it said:

Then we figured okay, let's put this prompt into four image generators and see what they each show. These are the results:

An Idea for AI Enhanced Learning

Consider re-envisioning student assignments as first and third stage human work, with the AI performing the middle part. Instead of asking students to generate the initial images alone, imagine the student work instead as focusing on (i). Learning how to create effective prompts for the AI tools (ii) assessing/making improvements to the AI outputs, thereby challenging students to transform AI output into even more creative output.

This is an example of human-directed AI enhanced learning.


As time goes by entities will require people with expert multimedia knowledge to be able to craft and explain these prompts and communicate with these AI to generate effective results.

Even though there are tools that can generate prompts like this for you by having you select different options and aspects, you still have to actually know what each of these options and aspects are.

Finally, as of the time of writing this article - Midjourney appears to be the best choice - followed very closely by Dream Studio.

*The name of the multimedia human expert that produced the images using the AI tools above was Vladislav Kolev

Thanks to Alexander Rudaev for sharing this Reddit post with us, regarding Midjourney prompts: click here