By Algirde Pipikaite and Nicholas David (WEF)

(Suggestion by Dr Constantinos Adamides)

  • The COVID-19 pandemic poses the risk of increased cyberattacks.
  • Hackers are targeting people’s increased dependence on digital tools.
  • Strategies to maintain cybersecurity include maintaining good cyber hygiene, verifying sources and staying up-to-date on official updates.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt global health, economic, political and social systems, there’s another unseen threat rising in the digital space: the risk of cyberattacks that prey on our increased reliance on digital tools and the uncertainty of the crisis.

In a pandemic of this scale – with cases of coronavirus reported in more than 150 countries – dependency on digital communications multiplies. The Internet has almost instantly become the channel for effective human interaction and the primary way we work, contact and support one another […]

Source: Coronavirus pandemic: Why cybersecurity matters | World Economic Forum