About Us

The Diplomatic Academy is an independent non-profit institute, closely affiliated with the University of Nicosia, established in 2011 to provide training and promote education, information and analysis on diplomatic and international relations developments

The Academy seeks to maintain links with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government institutions and extend its collaborative activities with other organizations of similar nature in Cyprus and abroad.

The main objective of the Diplomatic Academy is to link individuals and organizations interested in advancing their knowledge and understanding in the field of diplomacy and international relations. Towards this goal the Academy organizes and hosts events with professionals, representatives from trade, commerce, military, the diplomatic community, governmental and non-governmental organizations. Furthermore through its collaboration with high-level academics and journalists, the Academy hosts and promotes expert analyses on the developments in the volatile region of the Eastern Mediterranean as well as on the European Union-Russia relations.

Planned Activities

  • Series of discussions on federalism and federal states

  • Serial of talks by foreign dignities who are stationed in Cyprus or happen to visit the island

  • Series of talks by the Ambassador of the country which holds EU Presidency every six months

  • Closed discussions for selected audiences

  • Public speaking workshops for diplomats, business people and students

  • Protocol & Etiquette workshops

  • Introduction to Cypriot way of life for foreign diplomats and their family members

  • Training courses for Cypriot diplomats and their family members (in cooperation with the MFA – in the event we are invited to provide such training)

  • Orientation courses for current or potential diplomats