Eastern Mediterranean Affairs (EMA) Magazine

Eastern Mediterranean Affairs (EMA) is an inter-/trans-/multi-disciplinary magazine of regional focus. Established in the Fall of 2020, EMA aims to become a trusted source of insight and analysis for East-Med regional leaders from government, business, finance, and the academic world. Each issue of EMA is dedicated on a topic concerning the Eastern-Mediterranean region.

EMA features interviews, opinion pieces, expert insights and short studies from state and non-state actors, from the Eastern Mediterranean countries, and great powers alike and is to be disseminated to two distinct groups of audiences: 1) decision-makers/leaders/state and non-state opinion-makers with the purpose of enhancing local and intraregional transparency, instigating dialogue between the experts (policy-makers, practitioners/technocrats, stakeholders, academics) and the wider public and 2) wider public/lay audience which will be reading on regional issues of current and urgent nature.

EMA is an initiative of the Eastern Mediterranean Studies Initiative (EMSI). The magazine itself is published by the DA Team on behalf of EMSI.

Official website: https://www.unic.ac.cy/emsi/ema/

Email: [email protected]


Here you may access the latest of EMA

Issue #3: Climate Change and Sustainability in the Eastern Mediterranean

Issue #2: Maritime and Political Disputes in the Eastern Mediterranean

EMA Issue 2

Issue #1: COVID-19 and Regional Affairs

COVID-19 and Regional Affairs