In 2005, the first ever UNESCO Chair in Cyprus was inaugurated at the University of Nicosia.

The purpose of the UNESCO Chair is:

“the promotion of a comprehensive framework of educational activities, research, provision of information and documentation in the area of cultural, linguistic and religious diversity and the intercultural dialogue for a culture of peace, on a local, national or regional level.”

Through a multitude of activities, events, collaborations and international meetings, the UNESCO Chair at the University of Nicosia has and continues to diligently serve the triptych of cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and culture of peace.

“Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue for a Culture of Peace”

The Chair is a member of the program UNITWIN (University Twinning and Networking), established in 1991. Today, UNITWIN has more than 570 UNESCO Chairs and interuniversity network in 118 member states of the organization. As stated in the UNESCO official website, this scheme has “the aim of developing interuniversity cooperation, while emphasizing the transfer of knowledge between universities and the promotion of academic solidarity across the world”.

The Chair’s holder at the University of Nicosia is Dr Emilios Solomou. Dr Solomou reiterated in several times that his “objective is to promote a number of diverse activities in the fields of education, research, information and documentation in the sector of cultural diversity and cultural dialogue for a culture of peace, at the local and regional level”.

The University of Nicosia and Cyprus are a step closer to adopting the UNESCO vision in making our region a better place.

Declaration at the Inauguration of UNESCO Chair

”…because wars begin in the mind of people, that is why in the mind of people we shall build the fortress of Peace…”. The University of Nicosia turns this declaration and it works for its realization.