The Entire MBA DL Programme Moves To Engageli Active Learning Platform

A TELC initiative that aims to transform digital education at UNIC.

In FALL 2023, the entire MBA DL programme moved from WebEx to an advanced active-learning platform called Engageli. Engageli was purpose-built bottom-up by educators for educators. Moreover, it is packed with educational affordances such as easy-to-access break-out tables and advanced interactive polling. Students can participate in active-learning activities, get to know one another better, and be more active by bringing more of their points of view and experience into the general class discussion.

TELC would therefore like to thank the Dean of the Business School, Professor Kokkinaki for her overall support of this initiative. Also, TELC would like to thank Julie Boyadjian, MBA Programme Manager, Dr Apraksin, Director of IT, and OLSU for their participation in supporting this initiative.

Obviously, the Engageli team as usual were excellent in the way they assisted lecturers with training, and the Engageli team even attended the first lectures in person in a supportive technical role.

For more information about Engageli, and/or for a presentation of Engageli to your School or Department, contact Dr Chris Alexander ([email protected])

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