From the Valley to a Pit: Legitimation of the State and Counter-Narratives through Turkish TV Series

The shadowy relations of the state with organized crime have become the central plot of a very popular sub-genre of Turkish TV series. This sub-genre of TV series, where the state and its survival intertwine with the organized crime had started with the TV series and films “Valley of the Wolves” and it resurfaced with the TV series “Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz” – Bandits. However, a new sub-genre has lately emerged, where organised crime is depicted as the way of survival of urban poor, and by doing so, it has reframed the popular culture of contestation of the legitimacy of the state.

The Rise of the Republic of Cyprus’ Defence Diplomacy in Its Neighbourhood

By Marinos Papaioakeim Despite the fact that Cyprus is a small state in the international system, with all that this entails in the exercise of diplomatic practice, the Republic of Cyprus (RoC), particularly in the last ten years, has taken several initiatives for activities that fall in the realm of defence diplomacy.

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