On 12-14 December 2023, the Diplomatic Academy at the University of Nicosia, in partnership with the Ministry of Defence’s Security and Defence Academy, and the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies organised a closed symposium on countering disinformation.

The ‘Whole-of-Society Counter Disinformation Symposium’ was held in Nicosia at the Republic of Cyprus’ Ministry of Defence. The Symposium hosted a range of experts from the academic community, the civil service, embassies, and other related practitioners on security and defence. The organisers focused on related activities, workshops, and interactive exercises. The main focus of the Symposium was to identify mechanisms through which practitioners can raise awareness and improve their service’s capabilities that counter disinformation, fake news, both across online and offline spaces.

As a final event for 2023, the Diplomatic Academy envisions to focus on many more related activities, particularly focusing on diplomacy, non-traditional security and defence methods, as well as policy and technology.

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