New Agreement of Cooperation with the Balkan History Association

The Diplomatic Academy has finalised and signed an Agreement with the Balkan History Association (BHA), based in Romania.

The Agreement establishes a regional partnership with BHA, fostering a platform for cooperation between researchers and the general audience, designed to facilitate a peaceful dialogue between the states in the area. This opens up a range of opportunities for future events, networking, and much more.

The Balkan History Association (BHA) is a non-profit, apolitical, and independent organization that aims to develop and promote at both national and international levels the interdisciplinary and comparative study of the Balkan region, and, more generally, of South-East Europe. BHA’s main fields of interest include, but are not restricted to various sub-disciplines of history—political, cultural, military, economic, urban, literary, oral, or the history of science communication—art history, history of religions and archaeology.

The objectives of the association are to facilitate the formation of a community of scholars specialized in the study of the region, as well as to engage in the formation and professional development of their younger peers.

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