We are delighted to announce our Senior Research Associate, Dr Maria Hadjiathanasiou has published her latest book with the prestigious I.B. Tauris, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing.

Titled Propaganda and the Cyprus Revolt: Rebellion, Counter-Insurgency and the Media, 1955-59, Dr Hadjiathanasiou’s book is an important contribution to the literature on history, colonisation, and propaganda.

According to the author herself on the publisher’s website, “Propaganda and the Cyprus Revolt places new emphasis on the vital role propaganda played in turning the tide against British colonial control over Cyprus”. It is also fills a gap in the Cypriological studies on counter-insurgency, offering a useful insight and a comparative scope of media tactics elsewhere during the colonisation period.

In one of the book reviews, Dr Huw Bennet at Cardiff University characteristically says:

Can persuasion through directed information take the edges off armed conflict and bring victory at a lower cost? In late-colonial Cyprus the British discovered their presumed superiority at propaganda could not match a sophisticated anti-colonial movement with ethnic unity as their message. Cyprus is a vital case for understanding propaganda’s place in decolonisation conflicts. In Maria Hadjiathanasiou’s able hands, the topic has finally found the analyst its significance deserves

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