Mr Evangelos Areteos

Non-Resident Research Fellow

Evangelos Areteos is Non-Resident Research Fellow at the Diplomatic Academy, and a foreign desk correspondent for Cypriot and Greek media. He is also a Research Associate at ELIAMEP’s Turkey Programme

With the Diplomatic Academy, Evangelos is currently covering Turkey and EU politics.

He was born in Athens in 1971 and has studied law in France and Islamic Studies in Belgium.

Evangelos Areteos is the author of a book about the period between the Gezi demonstrations in 2013 and the failed coup attempt in 2016 in Turkey; “From the utopia of Gezi to the coup”, published in 2018. He is also co-author with George Angeletopoulos on a book on social change amongst Turkey’s conservatives; “Turkey: The train of the great modernization”, published in 2019.