29 February 2024

Are the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s new AI features any good?

Samsung’s new phone lineup includes the Galaxy AI features, starting a new trend of AI-Phone pairings.

Samsung's much-anticipated Galaxy S24 smartphone series has finally arrived, ushering in a new era for AI features in smartphones. This is because the new flagship phones are heavily focused on AI software features known as 'Galaxy AI'.


Circle to Search


Circle to search is a great tool to have on a mobile device. It allows you to use your pen, or finger, to circle parts of your screen and do online searches. This can be done to anything that appears on your screen - camera, photos, social media, videos etc. I took a picture of my cousin and then did a search on her top, and found stores that sell that specific top. I used it to also find visually similar environments to a local university.

Live Translate


Live translate would be a great feature if I called people whose language I did not speak. Or in a case where they did not speak the ones I do. For me personally, this feature will almost never be used. Good idea though.

Chat Assist


Chat Assist isn't something I find useful, or something I can imagine using unless I want to quickly re-write an email or a message that isn't really "me" to seem like a robot. Maybe it'll improve in the future but for now this feature is just a novelty with minimal usefulness.

Notes Assist


Notes Assist is a great feature for anyone who uses their phone to take notes. It has Auto Formatting, Summarization, Spelling Correction, Translation, Generate Cover. You can write a paragraph or two, a few sentences even, and then do any of the above with a tap and get things organised. Pretty great.

ProVision Engine


The ProVision Engine is a great tool (but could use a lot of additions and improvements) that enhances photography with AI, improving night shots, noise reduction, zoom, color, and HDR. Editing features include automatic suggestions and object rearrangement with AI transparency.

Custom Wallpapers


The custom wallpapers/ai wallpapers feature is a bit.. odd to advertise on a device. Considering the amount of image generators out there, especially the currently best one Midjourney. But this one is free, and it can come up with some stunning wallpapers for you to spice up the device or just give it a fresh feel. Overall, good thing to add, but nothing special now that the trend has settled down.

Practical Applications for the Galaxy AI Features

ProVision Engine for Photography: The AI-driven ProVision Engine significantly improves photography by enhancing night photography, reducing noise, and improving zoom quality and color reproduction. This is particularly beneficial for capturing high-quality images in challenging lighting conditions, ensuring that users can rely on their device for professional-grade photography​​.

Generative Wallpapers: The AI Generative Wallpapers feature allows users to create custom, unique wallpapers by simply providing instructions to the AI. This feature enables a high degree of personalization, allowing the device to reflect the user's style and preferences through art created by AI​​.

Live Translate: The AI capabilities extend to breaking down language barriers with Live Translate, providing real-time voice and text translations. This feature is invaluable for users who travel or communicate with people across different languages, facilitating smoother conversations without the need for external translation devices or apps​​.

Note Assist in Samsung Notes: AI is also leveraged to enhance productivity through the Note Assist feature, which can auto-format, summarize, correct spelling, and translate notes. For professionals, students, or anyone who relies heavily on note-taking, this feature ensures that their notes are clear, concise, and in the desired language, thus enhancing comprehension and organization​​.

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