CYPRUS: BEYOND THE INTERNATIONAL CONSTITUTIONAL NORMALITY (by Stephanos Constantinides). The joint communiqué that saw the light of day – thanks to the Americans – and that will allow the resumption of intercommunal dialogue in Cyprus, does not leave much room for optimism. As a whole it doesn’t prescribe not even a federal state but a loose confederation of two states … MORE

CYPRIOT ECONOMY IN GREAT NEED OF A SOLUTION TO THE CYPRUS PROBLEM (by Stavros Malas). The Cypriot economy has experienced its first “boom and bust” cycle joining, unhappily, the club of today’s capitalist economies. The leading capitalist economy, the United States, so far, experienced twelve such cycles since the 1940s. Economies which are less-dependent on real estate … MORE

CYPRUS FOREIGN POLICY-REALITY COMES CALLING (by Anna Procopiou). It seems that Cyprus currently finds itself in the epicenter of what many analysts would dub ‘the perfect storm’: a newly-elected government, already discredited by the worst financial crisis to have hit the island since 1974, having to simultaneously deal both with the reopening of negotiations on the Cyprus issue and … MORE

CYPRUS AND U.K.: PRESIDENT ANASTASIADES’ SPEECH AT THE LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS (by Soteris C. Kattos). In 1960 Cyprus gained its independence from British colonial rule. It formally became the Republic of Cyprus. The 1960 agreements, established a constitutional partnership between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Cypriots for the first time in their history, were given … MORE

DECADES OF DOMESTIC WAR (by Monroe Newman). Fifty years ago, President Johnson committed the United States to a War on Poverty. Seven years later, President Nixon committed the country to a War on Drugs. How close is the country to winning those wars? It is estimated that close to 50 million American families have annual incomes below the official poverty line. There are about … MORE 

WE NEED THE UN AS MUCH AS IT NEEDS US (by Joseph S. Joseph). The United Nations (UN) was created in 1945 to promote peace, justice, human rights and social progress worldwide. Ever since, two of the main problems it has been facing are: first, its politicization and abuse by states as an instrument of national policies; and second, financial problems caused by member states … MORE

  VANISHING CYPRUS – ICELANDIC MODEL TO ECONOMIC RECOVERY (by Andreas C. Chrysafis). In a democracy, true metamorphosis occurs when free-minded individuals refuse to be led by others but act upon their own instincts based on truth, logic, compassion and common sense; the absolute substance of one’s own freedom! In most cases people resist escaping from the perceived … MORE
  ΣΗΜΕΡΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΠΟΛΥ ΝΩΡΙΣ, ΑΥΡΙΟ ΘΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΠΟΛΥ ΑΡΓΑ (Μαρίνα Σάββα). «Να μην ξεκινήσουν οι συνομιλίες, γιατί λÏŒγω των οικονομικÏŽν μας προβλημάτων θα μας στριμÏŽξουν να δεχτούμε απαράδεκτη λύση», λένε κάποιοι. Ορθά ο ΠρÏŒεδρος Αναστασιάδης ζήτησε και πήρε χρÏŒνο μετά τις ραγδαίες εξελίξεις του Μάρτη του 2013 και τις βίαιες για την οικονομία αποφάσεις που έλαβε στο EurogroupMORE