Andreas Theophanous is Professor of Political Economy at the cceia of Nicosia, President of the Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs (former Research Center – Intercollege) and Head of the Department of European Studies and International Relations, cceia of Nicosia. He visited several European, American and other universities and think-tanks as a Visiting Professor, Senior Fellow and/or Guest Speaker. He has published numerous articles on economic and political issues, organized several international symposia / conferences, and was/is in charge of a number of research projects. He is also the author and co-editor of several books on political and economic issues relating to Cyprus, the EU and the broader Eastern Mediterranean region. His latest book (in Greek) entitled “Cyprus, the EU and the Stakes Involved: Accession to the EU and the Solution (to the Cyprus Problem)”, was published in December 2006 (Papazisis Press, Athens). His latest co-edited book (with Y. Tirkides) entitled “Reflections on the Relations between Britain and the Republic of Cyprus and the case of the British Sovereign Base Areas”, was published in August 2007 (Intercollege Press, Nicosia).

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